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Prolonged Antidepressant Course Causes Emotionally Undeveloped Baby


Prolonged antidepressant course causes emotionally undeveloped baby, while the rates of antidepressants used among Americans has been doubled since the year 2010, points an observation of 98 unborn babies exposed to few dangerous drugs including Seroxat and Prozac in the womb.

After examining the federal data, the researchers notified that around 15.5 million people from America have consumed such medications for more than five years, the rates which has tripled since the year 2000. The researchers from Columbia University in New York City studied the unburned babies, who were affected by the drugs.

Dr. Mark Olfson, psychiatry and epidemiology professor from the Columbia University describes, “However, the extent to which this trend is being driven by patients who are trying unsuccessfully to wean themselves off antidepressants is not known. Nevertheless, most primary care physicians who prescribed antidepressants have little training in how to taper these medications to minimize antidepressant discontinuation symptoms.”


In the latest issue of JAMA Pediatrics journal, the findings of the observational research have been disclosed. The unborn babies growing in womb with the exposure of drugs like Seroxat and Prozac were observed with the acute changes in the gray and white matters in their brains.

“Further study is required to better elucidate the effects of gestational SSRI exposure on foetal brain development and later life susceptibility to depressive, cognitive and motor abnormalities,” said Dr Claudia Lugo- ­Candelas from the Columbia University. “Such information may eventually allow more informed clinical decisions about how to best treat psychiatric disorders during pregnancy for the benefit of both mother and fetus.”


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