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Ocean Circulation Slowing Down Due to Global Warming


Ocean circulation slowing down due to global warming, a new study published in Nature Communications on Tuesday, notes.


It’s a first study to claim that climate change is making ocean heat waves longer over the last century. The study found that the number of annual heat-wave is increased by 54% from 1925 to 2016.

News says there are three or four marine heat waves which were an average of two per year globally in the early 20th century.

This change had been predicted by computer models, but they can be now analyzed according to the researchers. Global warming could make for more hazardous weather across the Northern Hemisphere, particularly Europe, and could cause to increase sea level rise along the U.S. East Coast.

Ocean circulation slowing down which can raise the likelihood of a complete circulation shutdown which will have a dangerous impact on the Earth, says the study.

The second study found that the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, called AMOC, which brings warm water from the equator up into the North Atlantic has declined in strength by 15 percent since the mid-20th century.

“This overturning circulation redistributes heat on our planet,” said the lead author of the study Levke Caesar, who is also a physicist at the Potsdam Institute. “It brings heat from the tropics to the high latitudes,” Caesar added.

“If we do not rapidly stop global warming, we must expect a further long-term slowdown of the Atlantic overturning,” said co-author Alexander Robinson of the University of Madrid. “We are only beginning to understand the consequences of this unprecedented process – but they might be disruptive.”



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