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Novel Satellite Scrutiny Accentuates Rapidly Escalating Sea Level


Novel satellite scrutiny accentuates rapidly escalating sea level, which is an extremely worrying process that hastens the rates of rise and liquefying of ice in Antarctica.

The speedily unfreezing glacial ice sheets are constantly making the surface layer of the oceans of Antarctica and Greenland more buoyant and less salty. If the current average rate is continued to be followed, the oceans across the world will go increased by two or more feet i.e. 61 centimeters by the end of this century as compared to the present day.


Results of the new discovery have been disclosed in the scientific journal – the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences on Monday. However, a few researchers did already claimed during the meeting held by the American Geophysical Union last year that Antarctica may melt much faster than ever observed and predicted in the recently published study.

A PhD student, Alessandro Silvano from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies said while explaining the research, “This process is similar to what happens when you put oil and water in a container, with the oil floating on top because it’s lighter and less dense. The same happens near Antarctica with fresh glacial meltwater, which stays above the warmer and saltier ocean water, insulating the warm water from the cold Antarctic atmosphere and allowing it to cause further glacial melting.”

Director at the Antarctic Research Centre, Professor Tim Naish says that, “Does this further enhance melting of the ice sheet or does this could fresh water slow it down? It seems that in the Amundsen Sea and Totten glacier region the freshwater discharge forms an insulating cap on the surface ocean because it is less dense.”


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