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Cautiously Planned Weight Loss Aids Improve Healthy Sleep


Cautiously planned weight loss aids improve healthy sleep and disobliging apnoea while sleeping, which is one of the most common difficulties that lead to an array of long as well as short term health problems.

The research has overcame with more introductory findings after being performed by the Flinders University Adelaide Institute of Sleep Health, suggesting that a mix of behavioral changes and loss of additional kilos of weight with the help of scientifically prepared and approved meal replacement, can be useful to cut the extremely dangerous impacts of the Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

Lead researcher and sleep physician, Dr. Carissa Yap said that, “Our project looked to address the vicious cycle of inadequate sleep and feeling too tired for exercise and improve eating habits that usually comes with chronic sleep apnoea. In turn, we then monitored whether the weight loss helped to reduce the symptoms of participants’ sleep apnoea.”



Study has been confirmed after researchers successfully conducted the study on 40 overweight young adults aging from 18 to 70 reported with an average to critical OSA, experiencing some sorts of daytime sleepiness. Researchers noted the BMI of every participant and moved forward with a high-protein meal replacement along with a lengthy self-management care plan – the Flinders Program, applied on them.

Dr. Yap continued, “OSA is a big problem and contributes to many short and long-term health issues. While helping to reduce OSA effects, weight loss may also have a greater benefit on cardiovascular risk than CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices.”


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