Home Science Attempts accommodating Mississippi floods may have worsen them

Attempts accommodating Mississippi floods may have worsen them


Attempts accommodating Mississippi floods may have worsen them as using tree rings and lake sediments, researchers generated a history of flooding besides the lower Mississippi River expanding back to the 1500s. This paleoflood record propose that the past century of river engineering deliberated to diminish flood damage to people living along the river’s banks has risen to vastness of the largest flood by 20 percent.

Climate benchmarks that fetch additional rainfall to the region don’t signify the dramatic rise in flood size. Samuel Munoz, a geoscientist at Northeastern University in Boston said that the undoubtedly offender is that we have actually reformed the river itself.

Colonists constructed the premiere levees on the Mississippi in the early 1800s. Succeeding an enormous flood replacing hundreds of thousands of people in 1927, the US government constructed the present system of spillways and levees. The engineering projects tremendously changed the river’s shape and sediment quantity. But how these alterations influenced the size of the river’s largest floods is unclear as water gauges have pursued the river’s flow for just 150 years.

Paleohydrologist Scott St. George of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis said that one of the backbreaking things about analyzing uttermost floods is that you don’t get many. Floods that occurred in 1927 do not arrive very often.

Munoz and his colleagues investigated tree rings and sediments from oxbow lakes to generate their 500 year proceedings of Mississippi River floods.


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