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SoFi – Soft Robotic Fish Designed By MIT to Explore Underwater Life


SoFi – soft robotic fish, a robot that resembles and moves like fish has been just created by the researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The realistic robot fish is the more flexible kind of bot along with cameras helping scientists get closer insight in to the underwater living creatures, without unnerve them.

A team of researchers from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed the new realistic SoFi – soft robotic fish, which is able to swim by its own and controlled acoustically.


The paper released today in the journal Science Robotics describes the results of the SoFi blending in close-up details of the underwater crowds being unnoticed. The research team said that the robotic fish can navigate successfully around the aquatic life more deeply as up to 18 meters.

Co-author of the published paper, Daniela Rus from the MIT CSAIL said in a statement that, “It’s elegant and beautiful to watch in motion. We were excited to see that our fish could swim side by side with real fish, and they didn’t swim away. This is quite different to when a human diver approaches.”

Robert Katzschmann, head of the research team and a graduate student from the MIT said that, “I was amazed at how well it was working, how well I was able to get this tail to beat back and forth or swim left and right, like a shark or some other fish and aquatic life. But we wanted to show this wasn’t just working on a test bench or table top.”


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