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Zanco tiny t1 is the World’s Smallest Fully-functional Cellphone


Designers are now in the race to manufacture phones with bigger screens and sleeker features, but the missing thing is that today’s phones are not just that cute. Designers have overlooked this important element.

There was a time when mobile phones were racing to be the smallest but now it’s hard to remember that time. That long-forgotten race might have started again, as UK hone company Zanco has unveiled the Zanco tiny t1, the smallest and cutest cell phone.

Zanco tiny t1 is the least practical phone ever made but it’s actually a fully functional mobile device capable of voice calls as well as texts.

As it looks like a tiny device, it does hold the title of world’s smallest mobile phone, and it already has plenty of fans.

Zanco tiny t1 has a full numerical keyboard and a tiny OLED display containing a resolution of just 64 by 32.

The device’s capabilities are limited due to its tiny size and it isn’t absolutely the most powerful mobile phone on the planet.  The device only supports 2G networks and you can only make calls and texts with such a small display size.

The Zanco tiny t1 is smaller than your thumb which accepts nano sim cards, as well as charges via micro USB. It weighs 13 g (0.46 oz) and has a 300-contact phonebook. It can store the 50 most recent calls in its phonebook and 50 of your most recent SMS messages. The retro-styled candybar phone has 32GB of RAM and 32GB ROM.

The Tiny T1 is extremely cheap so for people who don’t like carrying a smartphone, this tiny phone will be a good choice. The Kickstarter will let you pick up one of the diminutive phones for less than $50.




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