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These weather occurrences became intense due to the changing climate around the globe


Paramount weather incidents are being caused due to climate change, induced by humans. The recent findings show a smattering of extreme occurrences that took place in 2016 encompassing a lethal heat wave that whisked across Asia.  This could not have occurred solely due to the inherent climate uncertainty alone.

These findings give a whole new meaning to the reason why climate change has become such an important issue said Jeff Rosenfeld, editor in chief of BAMS, said at a news conference that coincided with the studies’ release at the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting. He also vociferated that we can no longer be reticent about the conversation about the association between human reasons of climate change and weather.

The aim of this study is to create awareness about extreme weather occurrences that took place the previous year and pursue to disengage the capacity of anthropogenic climate change from inherent aberration. The aim is to discover procedures to ameliorate the science of such accusation said Stephanie Herring of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

Up till now, BAMS has produced 137 interpretation studies. However, this is the premiere occasion that any study has discovered that a weather event was so intensive that it was exterior to the confines of inherent asymmetry. In appendage to the Asia heat wave, those occurrences were register global heat in 2016 and the development and tenacity of a colossal swath of high ocean temperatures, nicknamed “the Blob,” in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska.

The uncommonly warm waters, which remained for about a year and a half, have been connected to mass die-offs of birds, disintegrated codfish populations in the Gulf of Alaska and changed weather framework that ushered drought to California.


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