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New Features Introduced To Facebook with Intent to Stop Offensive Messages and Friend Requests


Being at the place of world’s one of the most popular social media platform, Facebook always has also been playing a responsible role for the security of its users’ personal data and preference. But, the giant social media site also has some issues with bullying and harassment to the users.

For the same, Facebook is bringing some advanced features in order to stop certain ways of harassments such as offensive messages and unwanted friend requests. Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety at Facebook, said in a blog on Facebook that, “We’ve heard stories from people who have blocked someone only to encounter the same harasser using a different account. In order to help prevent those bad encounters, we are building on existing features that prevent fake and inauthentic accounts on Facebook.”

In older days, if a person blocked someone, that blocked one could create new account, so that he was able to again contact to the person. But, the new tools work in such way that, they are aimed to identify when someone tries that and stop them from sending friend request and message to the person.

Facebook is implementing these tools using signals such as IP addresses to detect the offender whenever he creates an inauthentic or fake account.

Davis added to write that, “The person who blocked the original account is in control, and must initiate contact with the new account in order for them to interact normally.”

There is a new feature released by Facebook dedicated to ignore conversations by disabling the notifications of those unwanted chats and move them in to the filtered messages folder.

However, Facebook has also released its own local policies earlier this month over bullying and harassment. The company has also outlined the internal investigation process to respond to the bullying or harassment reports.



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