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Magic Leap Has revealed its Augmented Reality Smart glasses For the First Time


Magic Leap announced on Wednesday morning that it is revealing its mixed reality headset for the first time. The company has finally introduced the device called the Magic Leap One, which is built around a key technology called Digital Lightfield.

The product includes headset, a Lightpack processing unit, and a single wand controller. Currently, the kit is announced as a “developer” device and has an unspecified launch frame of 2018. The company has not revealed the pricing details of the device.

Rony Abovitz, founder of Magic Leap explained that the Light Field is the photon wavefront and particle light field which contains a huge amount of information.

The round-lensed goggles accommodate the displays, audio and external camera sensors. A powerful pocket-sized computer called the Lightpack is tied to the goggles, which includes connectors, weight, processor capability, and battery life. It has the ability to inject robots, spaceships, life-like moving and reactive people into user’s view of the real world. It looks attractive but it’s difficult to predict details about its working.

The most interesting part of a VR or AR headset is its functionality when it will perform actions, but the company has not revealed previews of that working. The smart glasses are connected via a wire to a battery and a wireless controller is used as input.

Magic Leap has not disclosed the shipping details but it expected to happen sometime in 2018.

Abovitz the product is not just for game and app developers but sculptors, engineers, and artists can also be used it. “You could see future editions of Magic Leap that could go between analog and digital,” said Abovitz.

For now, we can only wait for the further details that the company could announce anytime.



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