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Instagram Will Suggest You Posts Liked by Accounts You Follow with This New “Recommended for You” Section


Instagram is now starting to add a new feature that will recommend posts for you based on the activity of the accounts you follow. The feature will suggest posts from people you don’t follow your main feed.

According to a report, the new addition will be labeled has “Recommended for You” and it will contain three to five suggested posts.  “Recommended for You” posts will have their own section accessible through a thumbnail above your main feed.

An Instagram spokesperson said that you will be able to see suggested posts of this new section only after viewing all new posts in your home feed from people you actually follow.

Earlier this month, Instagram unveiled it was working on this feature and now the social network is releasing it widely.

You can only temporarily hide Recommended for your posts, but you can’t disable the feature entirely. By tapping the three-dot menu above the post and then tapping on “Hide,” you can temporarily hide posts.

Instagram launched earlier this month, a way to let users follow hashtags, which allows users follow their interests, not just accounts. The feature is suitable for all as the section will not displace the content you care about in favor of own suggestions of Instagram. That tag will allow you to see popular posts from it in your feed and some of the latest stories in your stories bar.

The company says the feature is currently rolling out widely and available for both iOS and Android.  It has not revealed the details about when that rollout would complete and when all of the Instagram’s users will have that feature in their accounts.

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