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A Healthy Lifestyle Can Prevent Nearly 40 Percent of Cancer Deaths: Research


Cancer is a group of diseases which can start almost anywhere in the human body and it has many causes. A new research has highlighted that 40 percent of deaths caused by the disease can be avoided with several simple lifestyle changes.

Researchers analyzed official data for Australia in 2013 and found that if people try and reduce the risk factors cancer deaths which amount to 16,700 deaths in total can be prevented.

The study stated that if one could follow a healthy lifestyle it will definitely make a big difference in the number of cancer cases. For the study, researchers referred the study conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States in 2014, which indicated 21 percent of cancer-related deaths were avoidable.

Scientists claim that lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, eating healthier and boozing less would help stop around 30.4 percent of all cancer deaths. They also suggest excessive UV radiation, obesity and not exercising enough can be blamed for a further 14.4 percent of deaths.

Australia’s official data of 2013 states that about five percent of all cancer deaths were caused due to poor diet, being overweight or obese, and infections.

Researchers also observed several modifiable risk factors related to cancer deaths such as smoking, obesity, the type of diet people were following, hormonal changes, infections, alcohol consumption, and exposure to too much sunlight.

Additionally, the study also claimed that these eight factors caused 41 percent of deaths in males and 34 percent of deaths among females in Australia.

Considering the above information, one of the researchers, David Whiteman from QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute said, “The proportions of potentially avoidable cancer deaths are higher among men than women as men drink and smoke more as well as spend more time in the sun.”

According to the report, drinking a lot of alcohol will actually not left you with cancer but such activities can increase the risk of getting the disease.

However, premature deaths in case of cancer are preventable if we make ‘small improvements,’ the Australian researchers claimed.


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