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Facebook Will Send You Notification if Someone Posts a Photo with you even if you are not tagged


Facebook announced on Tuesday that it is launching several new facial recognition features.  From today, the new feature called Photo Review will notify you if someone uploads a photo with you even if you are not tagged.

When your face shows up in newly uploaded photos, Facebook will alert you so you can tag yourself, leave it be, ask the uploader to take delete the photo or report it to Facebook if you think it’s inappropriate.  If you agree to allow Facebook use your data you will get access to new tools and the company says it will help protect your privacy attempts.

This new addition will also work for profile photos, but for now, people in Canada or the EU will not get the feature because the country’s data laws have restricted the use of facial recognition.

According to Facebook, the new tool is designed for users to help them control their image online and it will also allow them to communicate to the person who posted a photo of you.

Facebook’s Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman says, “Over time our goal is to make these features available everywhere . . . but right now we’re focusing on markets where tag suggestions are available.” We heard from people that they wanted it to be easy to choose whether to use these things or not,” he added “So if you want to turn this off, we think it should be really easy.

The new feature will use face recognition along the side of its automatic alt-text tool which released in 2016, according to Facebook’s director of applied machine learning, Joaquin Candela.

After rolling out the feature, the user will be motivated in their News Feed to notice their current privacy settings.



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