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Dog Owners, Keep Chocolates Out Of Your Dogs’ Reach, On This Christmas


Vet Record, a scientific journal published new research advising the dog owners to keep their pet dogs away from upcoming festive treats, as dogs have four times more chances of falling ill after eating chocolates at this period of event.

According to the research, more than 350 dogs have noticed with the symptoms of being exposed to chocolates in last five years. All the confectionery items found in advent calendars, Santa Claus figurines, Christmas tree decorations and gift box selections are consumed by dogs.

Researchers followed hundreds of dogs’ cases asking for veterinary treatment after stealing selection boxes, chocolate Santa, chocolate oranges as well as a hot chocolate mug. However, Vet is struggling for the message to be spread beyond it is kept in out of reach by family pets.

Dr. Philip Jones, a lecturer of veterinary epidemiology and public health of the University of Liverpool, said that, “The take home message is firstly to make sure that people recognize that        chocolate is a potential problem and to be vigilant with their chocolate gifts over the holiday period. If their dog does get access… to make sure that they contact their veterinary surgeon.  And also before they contact their veterinary surgeon to have an estimate of how much chocolate and what type of chocolate the dog has eaten.”

However, younger dogs are more likely to steal chocolates and meet illness. The most of the cases shown that, just little amounts were snaffled. But, also some exceptions were there like when a dog consumed greater amount of Easter eggs masked in the children’s party garden.

Also to be noted that, the treatment for such type of poisoning in dogs is depend on the durations of passed time since the dogs had ate toxic food.  The victim dog can be given medicine to commit vomit with activated charcoal to prevent further consumption of poisonous items.


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